James M Williams -Sartorial-


james m williams -sartorial- is an independent Nashville-based private clothier service. We provide made-to-measure garments and offer a portfolio of premium & luxury Italian fabrics. The service is completely mobile and James conducts fittings at your convenience - whether in-home, in-office, or at your bachelor party.You'll work directly with James as he delivers classic and contemporary garments through a seamless tailoring process -- designed to keep you at your ease. He draws inspiration from his travels to London, the menswear capital of the world, as well as lessons from his time spent living abroad and visiting other Renaissance cities.

Suits (includes a personalized garment bag):

Custom Suit (Coat/Pant/Shirt) $689

Italian Custom Suit (Coat/Pant/Shirt) $1199

Tuxedos (includes a personalized garment bag):

Custom Tuxedo (Coat/Pant/Shirt) $799

Premium Italian Custom Tuxedo (Coat/Pant/Shirt) $1299

Luxury Italian Custom Tuxedo (Coat/Pant/Vest/Shirt) $1799

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Nashville, Tennessee
United States