So hey, you're engaged! The decisions will come piling on, but one important decision in the wedding planning process is "should I have a first look?". And what is a first look? It's that special moment where you and your beau see each other all dressed up for your wedding before you walk down the aisle! So should you, or shouldn't you? Today we have Nashville wedding planner Randi of Jet Set Planning here to explain it all to us - the good and the bad - regarding your wedding first look. It's completely up to you as a couple, but hopefully her guest post today will make that decision just a little bit easier for you! Take it away, Randi!

As couples & weddings are evolving, I see much more focus on personalization. I'm also seeing changes to some of what many may feel are outdated traditions (or superstitions).

What is a first look? The wedding day first look is a wedding trend of sorts that has become much more prevalent in the last 10 years. It is, quite simply, when a couple decides to see each other before the wedding and in most cases, the company of their photo/video team only.  

Now, at one point in time, in the not so distant past, this would have been a major faux pas. But today, many couples see it as an opportunity to carve out some alone time before the wedding gets underway. The day passes in a flash and they feel that this enables them to enjoy an intimate moment in private to soak it all in.

I'm not going to share my personal option on if you should or shouldn't have a first look. That is truly up to you and your future spouse. My job is to present you with the options and for you to decide one way or the other.

Pros of a first look:

  • Alone time with one another before the ceremony
  • Get the happy tears out early (most of the time)
  • Less "rush" or stress to the timeline
  • More opportunities for photographs

Cons of a first look:

  • Breaking tradition
  • Missing the big WOW moment where you lock eyes with each other at either end of the aisle for the first time
  • Less getting ready/prep time with your bridal party

There is no wrong or right decision. It's really just about the two of you deciding what is best. Will seeing each other help you calm the nervous excitement? Or will it only add to the stress of "keeping on track" if you're running behind? Will seeing your sweetie before the official vows be a special moment you share forever? Or would you rather have their face at the end of the aisle etched in your memories forever? Think about how you want to FEEL about the moment & day, then talk to your planner and photographer about how to proceed.

What I am going to tell you is that I am ALL about the first look with your Daddy. Personally, I'm a Daddy's Girl and think this is such a special milestone moment in a Father-Daughter relationship. He's going to be walking you down the aisle, and I bet he's a little nervous about it. He's also so so proud of you. Take a few moments together before he gives you away. He needs it as much as you do. I can promise you that!

Randi! Thank you for sharing all of your knowledge for the couples asking themselves... "should I have a first look?". You can check out more on Nashville wedding planner, Jet Set Planning HERE on her website. And also be sure to check out her latest news over on Instagram!