Do you sometimes feel lost in the wedding planning process? You're not the only one - SO many of us have planned our weddings and run into similar situations you're in. And getting legit answers to all your wedding needs from wedding professionals themselves would be ideal, right? Well, let me introduce you to Becca + Jessie of Modern Vintage Events! The dynamic wedding planning duo has been there and done that time and time again with the countless weddings they've planned from beginning to end. And they have started a Youtube channel, Planning & Prosecco (adorable name, right?!) to share all their tips and secrets with you to hopefully ease your planning process! Today we're bringing you their first 4 videos to answer some of the most common and pressing questions they receive from couples. Check them out below!

Above photos by Courtney Davidson

What does a wedding planner do for you? This one is super important! Which is why it's the very first (and the longest) video on Planning & Prosecco. Setting a budget, and figuring out the most important things to you in your wedding are first on the list!


The Great Venue Hunt: This quick video is perfect to watch before you go out searching for a venue. Figure out the best questions to ask your venue manager in this video to really determine the best venue for your wedding! 


Event Management vs. Day of Coordination: Wedding planners come in all shapes and sizes - and that means they range in cost from full event management to simple day of coordination. See why hiring a wedding planner from day one to help you through the process is one of the best choices you can make for your wedding day!


Planning a Non Pinterest Wedding: Pinterest - it's a blessing and a curse! Yes, get inspiration from Pinterest, but also be realistic about what a real wedding looks like and will cost you. Becca + Jessie give some great tips on how to achieve a Pinterest look while sticking to your budget. 


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