After opening a full time photography studio, Krista owner of Krista Lee Photography developed a clientele that opened doors to her pursuing wedding photography. Since then, she's taken her knowledge and talent outside of the studio, capturing beautiful weddings with such an authentic style! See some of Krista's incredible work and learn more about her business in the interview below!

Tell us about Krista Lee Photography + how long you've been in business.

Krista: We are a modern wedding photography company with a focus on providing amazing customer experiences! We've been in business for 15 years in the Nashville area :) 

How did you get started in weddings?

Krista: After opening a full time photography studio in Marathon Village downtown we had many repeat customers. At the time of opening, we focused mainly on fashion, celebrity, and actor/model headshots. Those clients started coming back asking if we could also photograph their wedding. We started shooting weddings in 2004 and never looked back! We love the emotions, the families, the happiness and excitement that weddings bring.

What are your strengths compared to other photographers?

Krista: Owning our own studio and working in many different genres of photography over the years has taught us how to easily get great photos out of a variety of personalities. Having a full time studio also made us very knowledgeable in studio lighting and artificial lighting, which many of our competitors do not understand. This especially comes into play for night receptions or rainy day weddings!

What attracts couples to work with Krista Lee Photography?

Krista: I would say the biggest reasons couples work with us are: 1) They love the vibe of our photography. 2) They want a fair price with amazing results. 3) They don't want drama. We do our best to deliver amazing images every time and to make the process as stress free as possible. 4) We're not weird. Ha! So many of our clients will meet with us and several other photographers before booking. They'll message us when they're ready to book and say, "We loved you and bonus- we didn't think you were weird! So we'd like to hire you." LOL. So that's a plus- I suppose? Hahahaha! Most of our couples are fun, stylish people who want a memorable day with great photos.

Krista, you are so talented!! Thank you so much for sharing some of your gorgeous wedding photography and more about Krista Lee Photography with us!