Hello hello! Today I will be sharing some tips on how to curate the best wedding registry! As a bride, you may have squirrel syndrom like I did (Up anyone?) - you like towels from local shop Hester & Cook, flatware from Anthropologie, and you'd absolutely love those custom napkin rings from Etsy. When I got married in 2011, online registries where you could curate your own customized list were almost unheard of. But since I had to be different (and that squirrel syndrom really kicked in), I opted for one of these lists and let me tell you, the features and functionality were not so user-friendly at the time. I only wish I had a resource that was easy to use and also offered other features to help me in the planning process. And today, this option is out there! It's called Zola. What is Zola? It's a website that helps you curate your own personalized wedding registry. They have their own selection of hand-picked items you can choose from or you can opt to add anything from the internet to the list as well! But what should you add to your registry? Here's a list of dos and don'ts for your wedding registry:

Do think about quantities: When you start your wedding registry, think about your place settings in particular. How many people would you likely have over for dinner? Will you be hosting lots of holiday parties for your family and extended family? Once you determine the average number of people you would like a place setting for, then this will determine the quantity of china, flatware, and glassware pieces you should register for. 

Do think about storage and necessity: Do you have cabinets upon cabinets in your kitchen? Lots of pantry storage space? If not, you might want to think twice about registering for that large wine cooler... The best advice is to envision your home with the items you're registering for - especially in your kitchen. Where will you store these items and how often will you use them? This will help you think twice before adding 3 types of vacuums to your list. ;)

Do think outside the box: Let me tell you, Zola has already thought outside the box for you! Want to register for money towards your honeymoon? Check. What about cash to use however you please? Check. Want to give back to a charity with your wedding registry? Zola has that too - check! Getting creative with gifting is all the rage (and it's not going anywhere!)

Don't be afraid to add big ticket items: Have you had your eye on that gorgeous couch from West Elm? What about that new kitchen table from Restoration Hardware? Add it to the list! Your friends and family may be looking to pool their money and go in on a big gift for the two of you, so giving them some options to do so is great! And even if the items are left over on your checklist after the fact, you get a 10% discount once you complete your Zola registry (score!)

Don't fall for current trends: Okay, remember when juicers were having a moment a few years back? Everyone had to have one! The only thing is that it was big and bulky and time consuming... where is your juicer now? On Craigslist or sitting in the very back of your cabinet, right? And think about it - have you always been into juices or were you falling for the trend? Think about registering for items you will love for years to come. I still have my classic ivory dishware and stainless steel basic flatware from Pottery Barn 6 years later - and I still love it! 

Don't register for multiples of the same item: Are you completely torn between two colors of KitchenAid mixers and cannot decide which one you like best, so you add both to your list? Well, here's my advice to you - only add one. You don't want to receive both mixers and have to return one of them after your wedding... choosing your items carefully will help you avoid multiple trips to the store or the post office to make returns. 

Now that you have some tips for choosing your registry items - go ahead and start your regsitry on Zola! Yes, it will all be in one place - it's super convenient! Plus, if you've been procrastinating on creating your wedding website and are looking for other tools that will help you manage your wedding tasks, Zola is the place to be! Happy planning!