Real, genuine, candid photos combined with a passion to care for their team and their clients, Nashville wedding photography and videography company, Details Nashville knows just how to capture the uniqueness of each wedding. There's no gimmicks with these guys and they pride themselves on connecting and caring for each couple. So much so that by the end of your wedding not only will you love your wedding photos, you'll feel as if they're family. Canaan from Details Nashville is sharing more about this awesome company below. Keep reading to find out more!

Tell us about Details Nashville + how long you've been in business.

Canaan from Details Nashville: We've been in business for 8 years now. Our team still consists of the core group of guys who originally came together to create what we have today, plus we've added so many more to our dynamic team! 

How did you get started in weddings?

Canaan from Details Nashville: We were all already working in the industry in some way. Some in hospitality, some in photography or videography, and we had always dreamed of starting our own company and doing it in a way that stripped away all the things we didn't like about the wedding industry. We wanted to create something that was special for our couples while having fun doing it, and we wanted to do it together. We've done that. In big ways! And we're still not tired of capturing beautiful moments of our couples and having a lot of fun in the process. 

What's the philosophy behind Details Nashville?

Canaan from Details Nashville: I think if we boil it down to one root word that drives what we do its "kindness." We never got into this for pure profit. We saw how poorly some businesses treated clients, how poorly employers treated employees and we wanted to create something different. There's something really beautiful when a dream you put together with your close friends is still growing and making magic after almost a decade. I think it's because at the core of what we do is our care for each other and we care just as much about our couples. It's simple and it has created a lot of success.

What are your strengths compared to other photographers and videographers?

Canaan from Details Nashville: Our strength is our team. We've been friends before we ever dreamed of starting a business together and if we ever move onto other adventures, that friendship will remain. It's that team dynamic that allows us to serve our couples so well. To enter your moment with you and create something wonderful that you're going to love forever because we weren't strangers on your wedding day, we know you, and what's most important to you, and that's what we'll capture.


What attracts couples to Details Nashville (+ describe that couple!)?

Canaan from Details Nashville: "That couple" lol. Our couples tend to want to do away with pretense. Meaning they want the real them captured, they don't want stiff rigid poses. They're not fine art. They're real, fun, candid, emotional, but mostly fun. Every wedding is so different for us because each couple is unique. At the end of our weddings we're usually being showered with hugs and I love you's because we end up being such a big part of the day. That's intentional. Some photographers want to keep a distance, but for us, the more connected you feel to us, the more you're going to let your guard down. And thats when the magic happens! 

Is there anything else you'd like to share about Details Nashville?

Canaan from Details Nashville: We'd love to connect with you. Even if we meet and we're out of your budget, or it's not the right fit, we'd love to suggest some vendors that we trust and think might be a great fit for you on your journey towards your wedding day. You're happiness is most important. We're not divas and we think we're pretty cool to hang out with, so hit us up. First round is on us.

Love the philosophy behind this Nashville wedding photography and videography company. Canaan, thanks so much for sharing all about Details Nashville and the team! Nashville brides, be sure to check them out!