I'm not gonna lie - I'm a sucker for a good photo booth! But all the cheesy props I could definitely do without. At any given networking event, wedding or party, you'll see me sifting through the photo booth props to find the cutest most non-cheesy prop to wear or hold in the photos with my friends. And when I met Braden of Go Bonanza! at the LVD Bridal open house a few weeks back, I knew his photo booth was perfect for Nashville weddings! With a classy and modern backdrop and fun and cute props, Braden thought of everything for his booth. It's made just for weddings specifically and has that extra level of sophistication you're looking for to match the rest of your elegant wedding decor. I absolutely love the "LOVE" greenery backdrop (I want that sign for my office!) and he even offers a guest book for all your guests to sign! Keep reading to learn all about Go Bonanza! and don't miss the special offer just for NBG readers below! 

Tell us about Go Bonanza! + how long you've been in business!

Braden: Go Bonanza! Photo Booth Co. was started with the goal to change the way photobooths are represented, specifically within the wedding industry. Essentially, we're a photo booth company that specializes in weddings, with that in mind, aspects should be approached with consideration. We care about the importance of details and appearance to make your event truly memorable, not only for you, but also for your guest! The company has been a year in the making, we officially launched over a month ago & are excited to have a big presence in wedding photo booth rentals in Nashville & surrounding cities!

How did you get started in weddings?

Braden: I've seen the movie "Wedding Crashers" over 16 times (Great reference right? Haha). The weddings I've attended so far were nothing like the movie, however, they were always fun-filled, packed full of emotions & great food! Since then, weddings were always at the very top of my list! They're an ever-evolving tradition, & I'm very happy to be a part of the culture.

What's the philosophy behind Go Bonanza!?

Braden: There's an intimate connection with photographing people & every step is taken to recognize its importance. As the saying goes "a picture is worth a thousand words" we want to make sure those words are filled with positivity! Go Bonanza! Photo Booth Co. stands to provide superior fun & memorable entertainment!

What are your strengths compared to other photo booths?

Braden: We focus on details that others may miss. Your wedding isn't a photography studio, you & your guest shouldn't see a backdrop stand, a printer sitting on the table/floor, or a prop tote. These are just some of the standards that have been accepted far too long; we made a commitment to change this within the wedding photo booth rental industry. Brides & grooms take careful consideration in choosing every facet to make their most important day a success, why not the photo booth? We've also made our process easy & transparent, wedding planners appreciate our simplistic approach.

What attracts brides to your business?

Braden: With our chic & sophisticated style we appeal to brides from all walks of life. Brides understand that it's not just a photo booth but a representation of her. Life flows with rhythm, coordination, & synchronicity...it's like a melody. We aim to ensure she is represented well in an important song of her life.

What are some trends you're seeing in wedding photo booths lately?

Braden: Combined with the most up-to-date technology, our photo booth design is the staple of our company, we offer a booth that is sleek, modern, & minimal. It can fit in with any wedding or event. Props are also important; that's why we use a balance of stylish & creative props that are not only fun but that coordinate well. We also provide elegant minimalistic photo designs that our clients love!

Is there anything else you'd like to share about Go Bonanza!?

Braden: We want to thank all of the people & businesses who support us & believe in what we're changing within the industry. Please visit us on Instagram, @gobonanzabooth! Thank you.

And that's not all - Braden is offering NBG readers a free custom engraved wooden guest book when booking your photo booth! Just mention NBG to snag the deal!

Thanks so much for sharing all about Go Bonanza! with us, Braden!