When hiring your wedding team, what do you look for most? For me, I looked for talent, experience, and most of all, personality. I wanted my wedding professional team to totally get "us" as a couple and understand the vibe we were going for in our wedding. And today, I want you to get to know one very talented and fun wedding photographer right here in the Nashville area. Her name is Jenna Henderson! Her work in digial + film photography is some of the best work I've seen here in Nashville and she has years and years of experience working in weddings under her belt. You've definitely seen her work on the NBG Instagram feed as well as our greenery Today in Nashville segment... Jenna even took my familiy portraits recently and I could not be happier with the outcome! Jenna pushes the boundaries with her creativity and rest assured, you'll be left with the most amazing photos highlighting the biggest day of your life. Plus, how freaking adorable is Jenna's family?! Keep reading to learn more about Jenna and how you can hire her for your wedding!


Tell us about your family, where you're from and some of your hobbies!

Jenna: Our little family of four consists of me, my husband (of 12 years) Joshua, and our sons. Clark is 5 and just started kindergarten, and Oliver is 7 months old! We live in Bell Buckle, TN; we love it here because it's quiet and has lots of gorgeous views, and we're super close to my family and the family farm. When we're not working or at school, we tend to just hang around the house with the kiddos, building legos, watching TV, etc. When Joshua and I get a date night, we love a long, tasty dinner out and a movie, typically an action flick.

How did you get started in weddings? When did you know photography was your career path?

Jenna: I bought my first camera when I was a sophomore in high school. By my senior year, I was already taking on client work. After graduating, I attended Lipscomb University for a couple of years on the journalism path, because I didn't want to be a starving artist! But, I couldn't deny my calling to photography, so I transferred to finish my degree in photography, started working full time for myself right away, and I haven't looked back since. Weddings have always been a natural fit for me. I shot my first wedding when I was 19! I love the theatrical nature of weddings; it's the ultimate one-night-only performance. I also love the movement involved, and the challenges of never knowing what can happen over the course of a wedding. And I'm a people person! I really enjoy working with all kinds of people, and weddings bring together all types.

Tell us more about Jenna Henderson Photography and the philosophy behind what you do.

Jenna: My approach to weddings is to look at the big picture (no pun intended). I know there are so many facets to a wedding, and I'm trying to make sure I photograph everything in a way that tells a complete story of the day, so that when these images are shown to someone who wasn't there, such as future children/grandchildren of the bride and groom, they can really get a feel for how life was, what this wedding was like, and all the emotions that were felt through the course of the day. Because I'm thinking about these photos and how they'll be viewed in the future, I'm trying to make sure to shoot as beautifully and timelessly as possible to avoid having the photos become a distraction because the shooting style is too trendy. I'm also investing time and energy into making sure my clients walk away with actual, physical heirlooms, whether it be a fine art album or framed photos or even just proof prints. I refuse to let this ever changing world of tech upgrades come between us and our memories. A print is forever!

Why do you love working with couples on their wedding day?

Jenna: I feel one of my best strengths is my ability to direct. So many times, my clients will tell me how nervous they are to be in front of the camera, or how they don't know how to pose or what to do. I always take that as my personal challenge, to make sure my couples feel comfortable and look amazing, so they truly love their photos (and themselves in them!).

What are some of the most special moments you've encountered at weddings you've shot?

Jenna: The most special moments are always the quite, private ones. Some of my favorite moments have been when I've been photographing an elopement, and I'm the only one there to witness the start of a marriage. I don't take that lightly, and I work extra hard to make sure I'm telling the story as it should be told. It's always an honor to be the one and only wedding guest.

What attracts couples to work with you and what separates you from other photographers?

Jenna: I think a lot of brides are first drawn to my work because of its aesthetic. I feel like my work is timeless, beautiful, sophisticated, and heartfelt. Then, I think brides are drawn to me because of my personality and attention to detail; I always try to give every client the royal treatment, and brides appreciate my level of service.

Is there anything else you'd like to share?

Jenna: Some fun facts about me: my boys are named after super heroes (Clark = Superman; Oliver = Green Arrow). My husband and I have matching white ink tattoos. I love sushi, a good whiskey cocktail, and cheesy action movies, but I hate drinking coffee, mushrooms, and spiders. I can't sing or do math, I'm not a morning person, and I love Valentine's Day. I've photographed over 200 weddings, some while quite pregnant! And I'm a film + digital hybrid photographer. I think that about covers it!

All photos by Jenna Henderson

Thank you so much for sharing all about you + your business with us, Jenna! You can check out more of Jenna Henderson's work on her website and also be sure to follow her on Instagram!