Ellesse + Chris’s Rustic, Family-Oriented Wedding at Briar Rose Hill

Nashville Bride Guide

December 2, 2016

Sports fanatics Ellesse + Chris married in a historic hometown mansion, Briar Rose Hill, in Gallatin, TN. Chris is a huge Cubs fan and little did he know that a few weeks after his wedding day, the Cubs would win the World Series for the first time in 108 years! What a great year for the Smiths! Plus, Ellesse's creativity shined through all of the personalized touches in the wedding - from her baseball Toms shoes to her "something blue" "Mrs. Smith" embroidered under the layers of her wedding dress. Although it poured down rain on their wedding day, Ellesse + Chris' love was shown through all of their family, kids and friends who joined them on their special day. You can see it in all of their photos beautifully captured by Kellie Mueller Photography. Take a look at all of their beautiful photos and check out our interview with Briar Rose Hill's venue manager, Miranda!

Ellesse Kidd + Chris Smith


Briar Rose Hill

175 Guests

Photographer | Kellie Mueller Photography

Planning | Nashville Event Planning

Florals | Briar Rose Hill

Gown + Bridesmaid Dresses | Bridal Warehouse

Makeup | Bethany Spore

Videographer | Minor Life Creative

Catering | Crave Catering

Cake | Faboo Cakes

Rentals | Grand Central Party Rental

DJ | Choice DJs


Tell us about Ellesse + Chris!

Miranda: Chris is a quiet, calm, father of 2 boys. He was raised in Gallatin and loves baseball. He has coached his sons baseball team to back to back championships for 2 years straight. He loves the Chicago Cubs and his weimeriner dog, Cooper. Ellesse is an outgoing, talkative mom to a 5 year old daughter. She was raised in Hendersonville and spent a few years in Chattanooga, TN for nursing school. She loves sports and shopping. The couple met online in March 2015, and married in September 2016.

What was their theme and what inspired it?

Miranda: Chris and Ellesse wanted a feminine rustic feel to their wedding. Chris proposed to Ellesse at a surprise birthday party for her. She opened up his present which, was a wooden tree slab painted "Happy Birthday" on the top side. When she flipped it over it said "Will you marry me" and they got engaged in front of their children, and their closest friends and family. The couple wanted to carry on the theme of the wooden slab throughout the wedding. The invitations had a wooden slab in the background, some centerpieces were on the wooden slab, and the cake was on one also. Ellesse is bubbly and girly, so she wanted feminine aspects to the rustic feel. This was done using bright pinks and purple florals, large lanterns, flower filled mason jars, raspberry colored bridesmaids dresses, and more!

What details were used to create their theme?

Miranda: Because of Chris's many seasons as a baseball coach, and close friends of their kids, they knew many children would be at the wedding. They wanted the children to have as much fun as the adults. They planned on having games setup in the yard, but the rain detoured the couple's plans, and instead the children had just as much fun on the dance floor. The couple also added a popcorn bar and a candy bar (and of course an open bar for the adults). Round tables were setup at the reception with raspberry colored napkins laying underneath porcelain gray plates.

Can you share any special moments or highlights of their wedding day?

Miranda: Chris's two sons so handsomely walked Ellesse down the aisle to her groom. Ellesse's daughter was the flower girl. Contrary to normal traditions, Chris and Ellesse spent their wedding morning at the baseball field, doing what they love. The couple also had a "first look" during the one single hour that day of no rain. Ellesse wore white Toms as wedding shoes that were personalized across the top saying "Mrs. Smith" with baseball stitches in the background. She also embroidered the bottom of her dress to say "Mrs. Smith" as her something blue.

Did they have any special requests or unique challenges that you had to work together to overcome?

Miranda: Rain, rain and more rain. All day long. In hopes of it clearing out, they waited until the last minute to move the ceremony under a tent. The first few rows were individual chairs for the family, and the other guests sat at round tables. Ellesse walked out of the Briar Rose house and was covered with an aisle of umbrellas (by the BRH staff) until we reached the tent.

Sending a huge thanks to Briar Rose Hill for sending us Ellesse + Chris's beautiful wedding photos that show off the space so well! You can check out Briar Rose Hill's website here or follow them on Instagram. Happy Friday!